Contact Alton BroadBand
Alton BroadBand has been set up by a number of Tattingstone residents to enable a decent broadband service to be delivered to village residents. We are not a large, professional corporation so do ask for your understanding if we are not as prompt as other organisations in responding to your enquiries.

We can be reached by email at the address below or, alternatively, please write to us. We request that telephone calls are not made to us.

Alton BroadBand Ltd
10 Chedworth Place


Our suppliers
Alton BroadBand would not be able to offer a better broadband service to the community without the help and support of the following people, to whom we are extremely grateful:

Dean Welbourn, Nick Hall and Tom Whitehouse of Welcoms, the suppliers of all our wireless equipment and experts in the field

Paul Moore, of Moore Electrical, The Heath, Tattingstone 07838 374695

Priscilla and Bob Amos