Welcome to Alton BroadBand - the community-based internet service for the Suffolk village of Tattingstone and its environs.

Alton BroadBand was formed due to the appalingly poor broadband service available from traditional suppliers - we were too far from the exchange and too small to justify a fibre-optic connection.

But, with the coming of fibre, we have been providing fast broadband to residents of Tattingstone for over five years - with our customers enjoying super-fast broadband up to 30Mbps.

Please feel free to browse this site using the buttons above . . . and if you are interested in this scheme, please email us as the number of connections is limited and they will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

With BT choosing Tattingstone for a trial fibre-to-the-premises service (FTTP), we thought our days were numbered! But we have only lost one client to the service to date.

For more news on this please visit our News page.